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“As in the past, both groups of residents found your presentation on various job search issues to be extremely interesting and directly relevant to their future careers. ¬†After you left they commented on your extensive knowledge of the PM&R marketplace.”
G. Seeger, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

“This is just a letter to thank you very much for your excellent service. We were having a good deal of difficulty finding quality applicants for our job position through traditional methods such as advertising and the job fair…You were personable, knowledgeable, and extremely capable…Prior to contacting you, I was worried that we would not be able to find a quality applicant to fill our position.¬† Within several days after having contacted you, I realized that we would have our choice of quality applicants…In short, you have provided an outstanding service.”

T. Cucuzzella, Christiana Spine Center

“Miner/Mason‚Äôs in-depth knowledge of physiatry makes Randy‚Äôs team our ‚Äúgo-to firm‚ÄĚ when we have a PM&R opening.¬† I appreciate that he doesn‚Äôt waste my time and has the right information and service when we need him.”

M. Smith-Lorenson, Wenatchee Valley Medical Center Physician Recruiter

“Two years later, he called me, having somehow recalled that information and found what I feel is my perfect job. ¬†I would say, however, the best part of working with Randy is that he is very personable. ¬†I never felt like he was pressuring me to make some sort of decision, but he seemed more interested in making sure that it would be a good fit for me…He also did quite a bit of work behind the scenes…helped negotiate a compensation package that was acceptable to both of us…After I started working at the job, he continued to follow up to get feedback.”

W. Breland, Turning Point Rehabilitation Center at St. Mary Medical Center

“In the previous section it asks to pick three attributes that best describe Randy. The problem is that they all describe him. In addition to great results, being an expert in the field and having high integrity, he is also personable, a great value, on time, and quite creative. I have known Randy since 2006. He was a recruiter for RehabCare Group when I was their Chief Medical Officer. It was because of my work with Randy at RehabCare Group that I asked him to recruit for me at Skilled Rehab Specialists. Having worked with a number of other physician recruiters I would have to say that Randy is the best and easiest to work with.”

K. Adams, COO at Skilled Rehab Specialists

“Randy Awni is a creative and talented manager who is an even better person, as well. I have known Randy for twenty years and he has always been reliable, efficient, honest and fair. He has grown his business through hard work, dedication and intelligent management. Any business or client would be lucky to have him as its representative.”

P. Fraioli, Partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP

“Having worked with several other physician recruiting firms both general and physiatry exclusive, nobody did a better job of listening to what I wanted out of my career than Miner Mason. I felt that Miner Mason wanted to match me to the best possible position out there and not just fill a spot up.”

S. Yang, Medical Director at Norman Regional Hospital

“I have experienced two successful recruiting events with Miner/Mason – first in 2005 and more recently in 2010. ¬†In both cases I have been very satisfied with the services provided. ¬†Randy Awni has always acted in a professional manner in the recruitment process. ¬†Communication was a key factor. ¬†I was kept informed of all aspects of the recruitment process…In both cases I believe Randy did an excellent job matching up my needs with the available positions at the time.

I would highly recommend Randy Awni and Miner/Mason for anyone seeking a position in physical medicine and rehabiliation.”

K. Brown, Medical Director at Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital