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Q:  Who pays for Miner/Mason & Associates’ services?
A:  The hiring entity pays our flat fee.

Q:  Why a flat fee?
A:  We bring the parties together and assist in negotiating the contract (if asked) and we want it to be clear that we have no interest in the financial arrangements.

Q:  Why should I use Miner/Mason & Associates to find me a job?
A:  Administrators or hiring physicians will tell us more about what is going on that they will tell a candidate directly.  We can help to bridge divides and bring sides together.  Many times if you send a C.V. in response to an advertisement you will not even receive a courtesy “No, thank you”.  We will always provide you with feedback, no matter what the outcome.

Q: What happens after I send you my C.V.?
A: We will contact you to get to know you as a person and go over any possible matching positions. We will never send out your C.V. without your approval.